Seneschals & Autocrats

Welcome Seneschals and Autocrats,

Are you interested in adding Thrown Weapons to your local branch programs, or including it in an event? Here are some resources and references for you!   

The List of Marshals can help you find TW marshals in your area — a warranted EK Thrown Weapons Marshal  is required for all TW activities in the East Kingdom.  You’re also welcome to reach out to the TW Regional Deputy for your area (emails in the List) for assistance, or to the East Kingdom TW Marshal at

The East Kingdom TW Policies handbook details TW safety and administrative procedures — Range Setup is section XII., Range Procedures are section X., and Youth Throwing is section V.

There’s also an Event Range Planning guide, designed for marshals but you may also find it useful.

These pages offer additional information:

Re-Starting Practices

The Re-Starting EK TW Practices page provides instructions for marshals on how to Reopen a Local TW Practice, with guidelines for Practice Attendees and Range Management.

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