Event Range Planning

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What You’ll Need on the Range:


Recruit early and often, everybody (warranted) that you can think of. Direct phone calls and emails get better responses than general requests on open lists. If you’re not getting responses, email or phone your TW Regional Deputy for help!


You’ll have to get them to the site or arrange to get them there, set them up, take them down, and get them back to wherever they came from. Again, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

For most local events, if you can put up 2-4 targets they’ll likely all be used. If you don’t have and can’t borrow four, you’ll use what you have and that’ll be fine.

Safety boundary lines and stakes.

Ask the autocrat beforehand for caution tape or ropes, and hip-height stakes to string them on, so there’s time to buy those if the barony/shire doesn’t already have them (you need ~300ft for a full range). If possible, use brightly-colored tape/ropes.

Line flags.

Line flags (or other markers) to mark the 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, &c.; also to separate lanes if needed.

Display Documents.

Large-print copies of the following, posted somewhere conspicuous near the range entry point.

EKTW Policies Handbook.

EKTW Policies (rules) handbook, in your gear so you have it for reference.

Loaner Weapons.

Provide loaner weapons, if any are available. If the barony/shire has only a few, maybe another group would be willing to lend theirs – ask as soon as you find out you’ll need some!

Talk with the autocrat beforehand about whether the event (or the barony/shire) will cover costs for any broken handles; if they can’t, you have to decide before the day how you’re going to replace handles – if you need to charge throwers for broken handles, that should be posted somewhere and tell all the throwers.


Ask the autocrat beforehand if the event will provide that, or a budget for you to buy.


Ask the autocrat beforehand if the event will provide that, or you’ll need to bring some or arrange for it to be there.


It’s handy to have one, if you can.

Set-up Equipment.

This can include:

  • tape measure
  • flags or golf pegs
  • clipboard and pen
  • royal rounds scoresheets (if you’re going to run RR)
  • files for weapons repair.


These are not needed for an event range, everyone signs waivers at the event Gate.

Planning Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer:

What hours will the range be open?

The autocrat may have guidelines for that.

Will you require closed-toe shoes on the range?

If yes, make sure that’s in the event listing on the EK Calendar and on any web page or social media posting for the event.

Will you offer “sign-in” for youth throwers?

Determine if you will offer “sign-in” for youth throwers, per EKTW Policies section V.B.5. and the Under-Age Throwing Event/Practice Range Process.

Generally, the answer is YES, unless there’s a site restriction or other special reason you can’t, in which case there must be a “youth sign-in not available” notice posted in the event listing in the EK Calendar and on any web page or social media posting for the event.

Make sure the autocrat knows that children under five may not throw.

Will there be a tourney?

Related: Does the autocrat want one?

If yes:

  • Will there be prizes? (Does the event have budget for these?)
  • How challenging should it be?
  • Who is/n’t eligible to participate?

If you’re considering a youth-specific  tourney, please review EKTW Policies section V.C. If your tourney will require a Warranted Youth Officer, work with the autocrat and the barony/shire’s Chancellor Minor to make appropriate arrangements.)

Tourney design is its own discussion. If you want help, ask on the EKTW marshals’ email list.

*NOTE – if the event is hosting the EK TW Championship, the current champions will design the championship tournament. Expenses for the championship tournament are part of the event bid and budget; the current champions should work with the autocrat for anything that has costs.

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