List of Marshals

This is the official reference list of all warranted East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshals, authorized to run TW at events and practices, and to submit royal round scores. If you note any errors in this list, please bring them to the attention of the appropriate Regional Marshal and the EK TW Marshal.

Updated: December 1, 2022

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East Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal – Thrown Weapons

Eadgyth aet Staeningum

Regional Deputy TW Marshals

Tir Mara –Ranulf of IDD
Ar n-Eilean-ne, Avonmore, Havre des Glaces, L’île du Dragon Dormant, Lyndhaven, Ruantallan

Northern – Arpadfin Vidor
Coldwood, Endewearde, Glenn Linn, Hadchester, Malagentia, Mountain Freehold, Northern Outpost, Panther Vale, Smithwick, Stonemarche

Central – Serafina Della Torre
Anglespur, Bergental, Beyond the Mountain, Bridge, Carolingia, Coill Tuar, Concordia of the Snows, Dragonship Haven, Midland Vale, Nordenhalle, Old Stonebridges, Quintavia, Smoking Rocks

Southern – (vacant)
An Dubhaigeainn, Barren Sands, Carillion, Iron Bog, Østgardr, Rusted Woodlands, Settmour Swamp

Western – Mikael melrakki
Bhakail, Blak Rose, Buckland Cross, Caer Adamant, Eisental, Hartshorn-dale, Montevale, Owlsherst

TW Marshals-at-Large

  • Colin MacKenzie, Eisental
  • Magnus De Londres, An Dubhaigeainn
  • Pandaulf, Carolingia
  • Ronan FitzRobert, An Dubhaigeainn

TW Royal Rounds Scorekeeper

Mikael melrakki

TW Webminister

Margot de la Mer

Barony/Shire Thrown Weapons Marshals

As appointed by their local branch. Not all baronies/shires have a designated TW Marshal. For information about the Thrown Weapons program in a barony/shire not listed, please contact the branch’s Seneschal or Chatelaine.

Full List, Alphabetical

Reminder: To retain their warrants, TW Marshals must report semi-annually to their Regional Marshals (by May 15 and November 15).

DesignationsSCA NameBarony/Shire [Region]
Agapios Cargos Dragonship Haven [Central]
Alanna of Skye Quintavia [Central]
Arlyana van Wyck Carolingia [Central]
Arnbiorg Helga Nialsdottir Østgarðr [Southern]
Arngeirr Refskegg Quintavia [Central]
RegionalArpadfin Vidor Stonemarche [Northern]
Asher de Lincolia Quintavia [Central]
Aurddeilen ap RobetBuckland Cross [Western]
Boden Henebry Malagentia [Northern]
Cassandra Missing Dragonship Haven [Central]
Christopher Michaelson Carolingia [Central]
M-at-LargeColin MacKenzie Eisental [Western]
Dearbhorgaill ingen Rossa Smoking Rocks [Central]
Deirdre Grenewode Carolingia [Central]
Dominic Seamor Montevale [Western]
Dúnlaith ingen Donnchada, called Dhani Malagentia [Northern]
Durin Bastian Beyond the Mountain [Central]
EK DEMEadgyth aet Staeningum Carolingia [Central]
Edwarde Midnight Endewearde [Northern]
Eginhard d’Aix La Chapelle Havre des Glaces [Tir Mara]
Elizabeth of Endewearde Endewearde [Northern]
Ellyn GreneBhakail [Western]
Eol ua Tadhg Panther Vale [Northern]
Ettore Dandolo Settmour Swamp [Southern]
Ezekiel of StonemarcheStonemarche [Northern]
Fergus Redmead Smoking Rocks [Central]
Gerhard StormeclockeOwlsherst [Western]
Gianetta Lucia Alegretta An Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
Gilbert le Merchand Carillion [Southern]
Grimolfr Skulason Dragonship Haven [Central]
Hans Ferdinand EngelDragonship Haven [Central]
Hermina de Pagan An Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
Hillarious ClockWerk Carolingia [Central]
Hrefna SigardardottirSettmour Swamp [Southern]
Hrotger the Goth Glenn Linn [Northern]
Ichabod the Tall Carillion [Southern]
Irene von Lassen Concordia [Central]
John Carpentar Malagentia [Northern]
Karrah the MischievousBeyond the Mountain [Central]
Katla refr Bergental [Central]
Leon the Navigator Dragonship Haven [Central]
Lorita de Siena Anglespur [Central]
M-at-LargeMagnus DeLondresAn Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
Maryna Borowska Bhakail [Western]
Matteo Genovese Beyond the Mountain [Central]
Melmyra, called MyraQuintavia [Central]
Michael Leg BainAn Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
RegionalMikael melrakki Bhakail [Western]
Nuno Cabral Do MarBridge [Central]
Onora GlencarinRuantallan [Tir Mara]
M-at-LargePandaulf Carolingia [Central]
Phaiden O’Leary Bhakail [Western]
Ragnall CennetigBlak Rose [Western]
RegionalRanulf of IDD L’île du Dragon Dormant [Tir Mara]
M-at-LargeRonan FitzRobertAn Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
Ronan O’Faelan Stonemarche [Northern]
Rumhann MacDuibhsithe Beyond the Mountain [Central]
Safiya al-Naghira Beyond the Mountain [Central]
SamsonMidland Vale [Central]
Seamus na Coille Aosda Endewearde [Northern]
RegionalSerafina Della Torre Quintavia [Central]
Silvanus WoodwoseSettmour Swamp [Southern]
Sisuile Butler Quintavia [Central]
Symon of Barnesdale Carolingia [Central]
Thorormr Barnakarl Beyond the Mountain [Central]
Thrainn Steinsson Beyond the Mountain [Central]
Tomas BergstromMalagentia [Northern]
Udalrich Schermer Anglespur [Central]
Waerthryth aet Eoforwicceaster Dragonship Haven [Central]
Wilhelm LarrsonOstgardr [Southern]
William the AlchymistCoill Tuar [Central]
William the Mysterious Anglespur [Central]
Wulfcige i Jorvik An Dubhaigeainn [Southern]
Wulfstan Von Croop Coldwood [Northern]
Zachary of Panther Vale Panther Vale [Northern]

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