East Kingdom Thrown Weapons   

    Welcome to the Thrown Weapons web site for the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you're new to thrown weapons this site will give you a good working knowledge of the sport. If you've been playing long enough to have a cord of broken handles, you'll find detailed information to help you run a safe and efficient range.
    Thrown weapons is an excellent sport for a broad range of people regardless of age or physical condition. It does not require any authorization to participate: you show up at a range, read the rules and have fun. A stronger arm does not guarantee an advantage. A set of  knives can be purchased for less than $20, axes for about $40 but often there are loaner weapons at the range so in the beginning you may not have to purchase anything.
    The information below is listed in a cumulative order that assumes you have never thrown before. If you were getting personal instruction from a marshal this is likely the order you would be taught. The first thing you'll find here are the current rules for the East Kingdom. Our first concern is safety: yours, ours, and the other people on the range. Read the table of contents for the rules carefully as there is much more to them than do's and don'ts. Our second concern is your enjoyment. We want you to have fun the first time you throw and every time thereafter.


  1. NEW - East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Rules 6.1

  2. East Kingdom web site link
  3. EK waiver link
  4. Types of weapons
  5. Target construction  (Collapsible target legs sketch added.)
  6. Basic throwing technique
  7. Types of competitions
  8. Advanced throwing technique
  9. Current Marshals for the East
  10. Current Rankings for Eask Kingdom Royal Round
  11. East Kingdom Royal Round revised 4-1-11 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  12. Marshal's Online Report
  13. SCA Thrown Weapons Rules (society wide)
  14. East Kingdom TW MIT approval/sign off sheet

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