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RR Scores Roll-Off Extension

Greetings to All,

Today’s Royal announcement continues the shutdown of all in-person EK meetings, events, practices, &c. through the end of June. This takes us almost halfway through the usual TW practice season and also cancels several large events that would have offered many throwers throughout the kingdom the opportunity to throw Royal Rounds.

After the announcement was made, Mikael and I started texting, and we both had the same thought… He’s willing to manage the EKTW RR scores tracking to make it work, so we’re not going to roll off the 2019 scores next year as would have happened according to the revised RR rules (January 1 this year).

For monthly rankings posted through Dec 25, 2021, each thrower’s average will be based on their top three scores submitted between 1/1/2019 and the 25th of the posting month (so the May 25, 2021 posting will cover 1/1/19 – 5/25/21).

For monthly rankings posted in 2022, each thrower’s average will be based on their top three scores from the 26th of that month in 2019 through the 25th of that month in 2022 (i.e., May 26, 2019 – May 25, 2022). This means that the Dec 25, 2022 rankings will be based on scores from Dec 26, 2019 through Dec 25, 2022. In reality, that will be from the end of quarantine through Dec 25, 2022.

Starting with the Jan 25, 2023 rankings post, we will revert back to the rolling 24-month period as written in the RR rules. So the Jan 25, 2023 posting will cover 1/26/2021 – 1/25/2023.

I’m not proposing to make a formal revision to the Policies handbook for this one-off change, but there will be notice on the TW website explaining the extension.

Mikael and I think this works within the spirit of the recent RR rules change, and we hope that everyone has a good chance to take advantage of it, either later this season or all through the next.

in service,

Eadgyth, DEM-TW

Mikael, TW RR Scorekeeper