East Kingdom Royal Round

    Welcome to the revised East Kingdom Royal Round page. Most of the changes were small, but there were plenty of them:

  1. Scoring was made easier, both with less throws and a simpler point scale.
  2. We spoke to a lot of marshals, and asked where clarification was needed.
  3. Before the start of the throwing season, we'll have an email address up where you can submit your scores. These will be posted on a new page of this site, standings will be updated. Plenty of bragging rights for everyone.
  4. With the posted scores comes a ranking system similar to archery's. You'll see more about that as scores get posted.
  5. See the links below for the rules and the score sheet. They were laid out so you can print the rules on the back of each score sheet.
  6.  We added a minimum/maximum height requirement for the bullseye of the target. The idea is to have a standard enviroment for everyone.

A note to marshals submitting the scores: Submit them as soon as possible, to avoid lost paperwork.
A note to throwers: Keep track of your own scores, and get all the information you can to keep for your own records (Marshal's name, name and date of event, etc.) if you feel there is a discrepancy this is the best way for us to track it down.

    Also, I'd like to point out everyone I can who helped us put this together:
Leonhard Schuwert, Pandaulf, Leon the Navigator, Edith, Dhani, Fergus, Ichabod, Phaiden, Philip of the Furrowed Fields and  Logan & Damianna DeLondres.


EK TW Royal Round Rules

Rankings for the EK TW RR